Professional Cell Phone Tracking.
Remotely Trace Phone GPS Location.
Read Text Messages Sent and Received.
Track Incoming and Outgoing Call Logs.
100% Undetectable, Discreet, Anonymous.
  Mobile GPS Tracking

 » Cell Phone Spy Tracking
WolfTracker allows users to remotely monitor and track the target phone's activity with just a few mouse clicks. Silently intercept everything such as GPS location, read text messages, phone call logs, and much more, straight from our member command center. These tools are 100% undetectable to the phone user.  Starting off as a underground company, as the demand for our services has grown, so has our business.  We now provide our resources to the public and know you will be satisfied with the results.  Register now and find out what you need to know.  Are they really being honest?  Can you trust them?

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Monitor your teen's device discreetly.
Are they really at there friends house?
Are they taking drugs?
Are they sexually involved?
What kind of friends are they choosing?
What's really going on that they wont tell me?
Discreetly monitor your business partner!
Are your employee's really at work?
Is your business partner stealing from you?
Hear what they really say about you.
Keep an eye on field employee's on the road.
Keep an eye on everything employees do!

» Why Choose Us?
WolfTracker out-performs the competition with professional grade mobile tracking, at a fraction of the cost.  We deliver the information your looking for to keep your peace of mind.  These tools are 100% undetectable leaving no room for sneaky actions.  With over 30,000 users, private detectives and police agencies around the world already using this type of technology, we know you will be happy having the peace of mind WolfTracker phone spy tracking delivers.
Trust in the company the professionals use. 

» Phone Compatibility
Our cell phone tracking tools intercept virtually every cell phone on the market today.  Using Java, Bluetooth, and a core coded base app, our software will intercept even the newest and most popular operating systems such as Android OS, Blackberry OS, iOS, and many others. As new devices are released, our tools are updated accordingly and all members receive free access to these updates. 

» Service Provider
Your service provider does not make a difference in how the software and spy servers will operate.  This means all service providers are supported such as Verizon. AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, prepaid phones, and many others.  All that is required is for the phone to have access to the internet.  Our tools use data connections to extract information from the device.


Mobile Cell Phone Tracking Software

Track a mobile phones GPS location with our advanced remote cell tracking software!  These tracking tools are extremly powerful and not intended to be abused!  Please obey all local and federal laws when tracking a mobile phone device.  When using our software to track a cell phones location, the GPS cordinates can be retrieved and displayed on a map instantly!  Know exactly where the mobile phone device is, how fast its traveling, and how longs its been there!  You can even set the software to auto upload cordinates to your control panel for later viewing, which will map out everywhere they've been.  This cell phone tracker is one of a kind.  Register today to see its true potential, you wont be dissapointed. 

Mobile Cell Phone Tracker

Wolf-Tracker is a cell phone tracking service which allows you to remotely monitor your business & employee cell phone's activity from your own home, office or mobile device. Track the GPS Location, Phone Calls, Text messages, and more. Know what your employees are doing on the job. Know what's happening when your not in the field or at the office. We've got your back.

Track employee mobile phones anywhere!

Do you know where your salesman, technicians, or field employees are really doing on your dime? They may be taking a break, making unauthorized stops or slacking off on the job.  Wolf-Tracker will make sure they stay on task, allowing you to manage your business with ease and peace of mind knowing your business has maximized its productivity.

Experienced in Phone GPS Tracking

Hundreds of business' and personal users buy expensive GPS tracking devices that can be attached to cars, employees, etc.  For a much more affordable price and a convenient setup, we know you will be happy with what WolfTracker has to offer.  We are experienced in providing cell phone tracking technology that will allow you to know where your workers geographic location is, when they got there, and how long they've been there.